Wednesday, August 24, 2016

School Days Are Upon Us.

As we get back into the busy time of school days, car pools and after school activities, we as mommas really need to give ourselves grace and love. This can be a time of stress, tears, anxiety and just plane craziness. We need to turn to God in this time. Pray for our children as they head out to school, their activities, play dates ext. Also we need to say a prayer for ourselves; we need to ask God to guide us on this path as it is not an easy one.

As mothers we have all been called on a different path. Some of us are stay at home moms, some work at home moms, some part time working moms, some full time working moms, some have to share time with others. Some of us are killer cooks, some not so, some love to clean others have someone come in and do it for them, some well organized, and some are scattered, some punctual, some well not so punctual. Some of us find ourselves sending our kids to private school, some to public, and some of us homeschool. The amazing thing is that we all love our kids. We live our life the way God has planned out for us, but we never stop loving these precious little babies. 

No matter what the path one thing remains we are doing what we are called to do and we are doing the best we can. No parent is perfect, no one has it all together, or all figured out. No one is better then the other. We are all learning as we go and doing the best damn job we can. However we can only do this with God's guidance. 

I love seeing all the back to school photos. These kids are loved so much. Mommas give yourself grace; pat yourself on the back as you have, and are doing a great job. Keep on loving those kids. If you are sending you kiddos off and get to stay home enjoy the quiet and pray for them today. Love on them and share in their excitement when they get home. Listen intently and learn with them. Allow them to be kids, play, get muddy and enjoy this time. Homework can be overwhelming and time consuming, try hard to not let it overtake the night. Fight back for your kids when things get to be to much for them. 

Always remember you are amazing!