Saturday, August 2, 2014

Get Organized Thirty-One Style!

School is right around the corner and this year we are home schooling our daughter. She is going to be in Kindergarten. I can not believe how fast my little girl is growing up! Seems like just yesterday we brought her home from the hospital.

Well anyway, we had to get our playroom transformed into a class room. Which meant a lot of moving around and a lot of thinking outside the box. Here are a few ways that I used my Thirty-one products to get my house ready and cleaned up for the new school year. 

So this is kinda where I started. I tore all the toys off the shelves and started to sort stuff.... Anyone else feel like this is the worst part? It has to get really messy before it can get clean. 

So once I got past the initial shock I dove into my trusty Thirty-one products. I love working for this company!!

Here is the Uptown Jewelry Case for all those rubber bands that you HAVE to have for the Rainbow Looms.
I paired that with our older version of the Keep it Caddy. In here I put in the loom with the on the go loom kit. This makes a great travel set. It also helps keep everything together and no more rubber bands everywhere!

Next was the puzzle craziness. See we have so many puzzles that come in a multi pack. Which those packs are huge and really a waist of space. I personally don't think we need a photo of what the puzzle is supposed to look like. Most of them are 50-100 pieces. So I put each puzzle in their own ziplock baggie and put them all inside of our trust Organizing Utility Tote. There is about 45 puzzles in here and now instead of 3 shelves be taken up its only one!

So my kids and I have this crazy obsession with keeping anything that could be used for a raft project. So what better to put all these odds and ends piece then the Timeless Pouch. 

Next was the kids board games, These where taking up about 3 cubes and looked kinda ugly. So I used the beautiful Navy Wave Large Utility Tote and was able to get 10 games in there. In the little Zipper pouch with the kids on it I put a Toy Story Search game. The box was huge and the pieces took up less then half the box (why do companies do that?)

Next I have a little cary all caddy for the legos. I know some people have a ton of legos however this little bag can old a lot. This is three small boxes of Star Wars legos for my son. I love the little pocket on the front for the manual. 

Square utility bin is perfect for race track pieces. 

Here is the Round About Caddy. This is perfect for Art Supplies because it the Vinal Lining and the mesh bottom as well as mesh pockets. So it is really easy to clean up. 

Here is the finished project. I am so excited for some empty shelves, beautiful organization and so much more room!

Stay tuned for the kids rooms =)