Thursday, January 29, 2015

All this newness!

Well this year has been a year of newness. The newness just doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. I am ok with that, but I am also ready to be on a steady road.  There is something to be said about a steady pace, a schedule, a routine.  I know it will happen we just have to get all the wrinkles ironed out.

Not only is this the first year that both of my kids are in school. My baby boy is in SCHOOL! I am not sure I can handle that. HA. He likes learning he just doesn't like being away form his momma and sissy. He is doing wonderful and I am so proud of him. Not going to lie it makes me sad when he goes to school but structure is so needed!

For Jae we began the year off with online "homeschooling". Right from the get go I knew it was all wrong. So many things had changed from the time I sat down and decided on this program, and not good changes. I had lost all control over my child's education and for me that was not what I wanted at all. We had an amazing teacher however. She worked with me and allowed J and I to work at the path that was right for her. This made it a lot easier for us to stay put. Well she made the decision one I couldn't disagree with her on to leave. This put us with a teacher that I really am not a fan of. One who has spoken to me as though I am a child and that I don't know anything. This has pushed me to the full decision to pull her out of cyber school. So on to the new newness in our life....

We have submitted our forms and letter of intent to homeschool. This I know is the perfect decision for our family. Jae is so excited to get started on her studies and really learn things and learn from mom and dad. This will open us up to so much more options and allow us to get connected with more homeschoolers.

Newness keeps you on your toes right? haha

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