Monday, December 7, 2015

Classical Conversations

I can not believe that I have not had single blog post this year, and about this amazing journey we have been on with Classical Conversations. We are already coming up on week 12 of our first year with CC, and what an amazing year it has been!

Homeschooling has not been the most easy adventure we have been on but it has been the most rewarding. Classical Conversations has been a true blessing and I am so happy that we decided to go this route. Last year Ace was in a private preschool and Jae was homeschooled half the year with cyber school and the second half was traditional homeschool. It was a year with many tears, and a lot of frustration as we tried to figure it out. This did not discourage us though, it pushed us to find the right path; and we did! We decided that this year we would pull Ace out of preschool as we felt this was not working for him as he really was not getting the attention he needed as he was in a LARGE class (18 kids aged 3yrs old). We kept Jae out of the school system and looked in to CC for both of them. We truly could not be happier with our decision.

CC has been a staple in our house hold for education, and getting to see how much my kids have grown and how much they have learned is jaw dropping amazing. For example yesterday we were reading the story of St. Nicolas and in the story they talked about Turkey and Constantinople both kids got really excited and wanted to show me on the map where these to places are. As we kept reading we came across the reign of Roman Emperor Diocletian, the persecution of Christians; as well as the Council of Nicaea, all of which they know about! Mind you they are 4 and 6.5 years old!! Then as we read the story of the birth of Jesus during our advent reading Caesar Augustus and both kids yelled "hey we know him!" How amazing is this? I know that this will just keep getting better and their light bulb moments will become more frequent as their education with CC continues.

This is beautiful classical learning style that has been a blessing to my family, I look forward to our on going adventure with CC.

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