Sunday, July 27, 2014

Dream It BE It!

When you think of conference what do you think of? Do you think of long classes, cold rooms, a lot of people, hustle and bustle; or do you think of inspiration, love, friendships, growth, challenges, amazing speakers and classes? If you think of the first group then you have never been to a Thirty-one Conference!

I just got back from a three-day amazing adventure with 15,000+ women and men from our consultant field and our Home Office team. These three days where filled with so much support, love, compassion, laughter, tears, inspiration, and amazing speakers and facilitators. It is impossible to truly express everything that I experienced but I will do my best to try.

Night we got in: Greg and I got registered and then met up with some of my best friends, support system, and team. I cannot tell you how excited, sad and happy I am to see some of these girls. I only get to see a couple of them once a year and trust me, that sucks! The sad part is that I know I will have to leave them in a few days.  We had dinner at a local restaurant then went and got settled in at my brother’s home. Greg and I got the privilege of spending the nights with my brother and sister-in-law. So not only did I get to see my girls I got to spend extra time with my family.

Day 1: Day one is known as Director’s Day. This is an opportunity for Directors and above to come together and share their love for this amazing company, learn statistic, get some advance training and get a special gift from Cindy Monroe herself. This year we got a beautiful round pendent that says “Dream It” (with a sapphire gem) on one side and “Be It” with “2014” on the other side.  Afterwards many ladies gathered for Super Day where they receive additional training from some amazing speakers. I did not attend Super Day this year however I plan to attend next year.

Day 2: We all gathered for General Session. Here, we got to hear some amazing tips, tricks, and gain some awesome inspiration from Home Office Staff and Cindy Monroe. We also got to hear Leigh Ann Tuohy speak about how we have to look past the surface of people and see the inner beauty. She spoke about her experience stopping the car and picking up Michael Orr without thinking twice. They gave him the opportunity to succeed and to be loved for the first time in his life.  This was a great message of love and opportunity. We also got to see the BRAND NEW CATALOG! Which I have to say is stunning; I am so excited to share it with everyone.
After General Session we went off to our classes. The classes offered at the conference are both fun and informative. There are three classes in total that we attend. It’s so cool to learn from leaders just like us. =) Greg also got to attend a class led by Scott Monroe This class was a great opportunity for Greg to learn a little more about what we do and why we do it.

Day 3: We started the day off with Praise and Worship lead by Scott Monroe and his awesome band. I truly loved this time because this company was founded and runs on faith. I am so blessed to work with a company who is faith based and loves to give back.  Its an awesome feeling to know that you can praise the Lord for all your accomplishments among your fellow team members and the Home Office Staff and not be looked at funny or get in trouble.

After Praise and Worship we had another General Session where we got to learn a little more from our Home Office Staff as well as fellow consultants. We also got to hear from Bridget Brennan Author of "Why She Buys". It was fun to gain insight into how women think and see the world. While I am a woman, we don't always view ourselves properly. Oftentimes others see us differently then how we see ourselves and can provide us with valuable insight. So it was cool to learn a few things from her.

After general session we rushed off to get dressed up for awards night dinner. This year we got to celebrate three Senior Directors, and three Directors from our team Upline, Downline, and Sideline. I am so proud of each of these girl’s amazing accomplishments! All six of you are amazing. We also got to celebrate that our SED and a Fellow Director on my sideline are both in the new CATALOG, which is a huge accomplishment. Additionally,  we celebrated two ladies getting to be on Leadership Council which is another great achievement. There are so many rock star ladies on our team and I am blessed to work side-by-side with each of them. Way to rock it!!

These three days were much more then just general sessions, classes and speakers. It was friendships, shopping, sneak peeks, laughter, connections, and celebrations. We got to party, dance, sing, praise, meet home office "celebrities", and just have an amazing time.

I never in a million years, would have thought that I would work in direct sales and love it as much as I do. Thirty-one has changed my life in many ways and I can't wait to help others experience this amazing journey.

I would like to share some photos from this magical trip to National Conference in Columbus Ohio 2014! Maybe next year YOU will get to join me!

Awards night with my Director Jenna and my girl Amanda, Our husbands came out to show their love and support. Jenna walked the Stage for SD and Amanda D!

My SED Kristen Brininstool. Look for her beautiful Face in the new Fall Catalog! Love this girl!

Rachel and I got to finally see the catalog and look who we found; our girl Oakley!!!!! Way to go girl

All the directors on Inspiring Teams. Our ED couldn't make it so we brought her along =) 

My two BFFs  Awards night silliness.

Look who earned their Pink Weekenders and crystal plaques! Jenna, Rachel, and Kim!!

Anthony from Home office. He is our numbers guy. WOOPWOOP! 

Look who earned their Cindy Totes. Our directors Amanda, Heather, and Paula! Way to go ladies!!

Mike Clouse (I think he is the best Lead Coach there is!) 

Erin, Alexis Spence (girl we miss you!), Jenna, Paula, and me The five of us are together again. 

Rachel and I right next to the stage with Scott on stage! 

Our SED team. 

The girls on my team who made it to conference (minus Brandi) Love you girls

Anna Schuler, Executive Director of Product and Merchandise. Thank you for all the amazingness you and your team design!

Gretchen Manmiller,NED.

Rachel and I up front with 15,000 ladies behind us =)

Jenna, Heather, Amanda and John Tongol (Lead Coach)

My 31BFF Rachel, Home Office Kate Hannum-Rose,  my life long BFF Amanda, and me at Awards Night. Rachel and Amanda Got to walk the stage!

So who is going to join us next year?
National Conference will be in Denver and Columbus in 2015! Hope to see you there. =)

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