Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hot Topics- Child Safety Seats

A few hot topics that we all see often on social media and in the news are as followed; Child Safety Seats,  Breast Feeding, Leaving a child/animal in the car and "punishments"

The one that I think is the most popular controversy and the one that gets me hot, is Child Safety seats.  I often see photos and links to a news articles with the misuse of child harnesses. This is not hard folks, it is really self explanatory. I know you love your kids, they are your everything and you would do anything in the world for them. So please take the time to buckle them up right! There is info about your car seat on the side, it will tell you the weight, facing, and transition options.

Here are a few things that people make mistakes with when putting their child in their safety seat.

1. It is called a CHEST STRAP not a Belly Strap.
Please make sure you line it up across the chest. There is usually a little picture on the buckle that will show you where it should go. The big thing is that the top of the buckle lines up with your child armpit.

2. The pinch Test
Take the pinch test with your child's strap. If you can pinch the strap by your child's collarbone then it is not tight enough. It should sit flush against their shoulder.

3. Forward or rear?
This one is the big hot topic. Should my kid be forward or rear facing? When do you turn your kid around? It is said to keep your child rear facing as long as possible. I am one of those moms that turned their child around as soon as their weight and hight was at the limit. This was because this was not talked about much then. Our Pediatrician told us that they were good to turn forward, So we did. I feel as though you need to follow state law, and then follow your gut on what you want to do as far as turning your child around. Please note that it is the safest to be facing backwards.

4. Where should the straps sit?
When in a harness seat the straps should be AT or BELOW your child's shoulders NOT above!

5. Seat belt positioning
When your child moves up to the booster seat with the seat belt you have to make sure they are in the correct seat. High back booster with the seat belt adjustment is the best for your kid. You want to make sure that the seat belt lays across the shoulder, you do not want it cutting into the
neck or be to high. Also PLEASE DO NOT put the seat belt under the arm (not on yourself or on your children). This is dangerous for everyone, not just kids.

I know you love your babies and the best way to show them how much you love them, is by putting them in their car seats the right way. Teach them young that car safety is important. They are children, they don't know any better. It is are job to to teach them. I know there are kids that hate being in their car seats and have fits about it, but this is one area that fighting the fight is worth it. We say as parents that we have to pick are battles and this is a battle worth fighting!! 

Want to read more check out this Child seat safety pdff. 

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