Friday, March 7, 2014

Growing Our Family and Filling a hole

When my husband and I bought our first house we new we wanted a dog. We were blessed by this adorable brindle colored boxer at 2 months of age. Every time i go up and down my steps in our home I think of the day we moved into our home, he would follow me up the stairs and by the time he got to the top I was on my way back down. His little body was so tired by the end of move in day. He was our first baby and we loved him so much. When he was one I noticed he seemed a little sick so I took him to the vet, he was a happy up beat boxer (anyone who has or has had a boxer knows what that means). Pij did some test and said he probably has a cold, so we went back home. The next day she called me and asked is we were still in Ohio. I informed her that we had come back home then asked her why. So said please load Jango back up in the car and head back to them. So we did! When we got there they called us back and informed us that our bay had Kidney Disease. Our hearts sank, and tears came to everyones eyes. She said that he would probably live another 6 months if he is lucky. My husband and I couldn't see how this was possible, he is a one year old puppy. So we knew we would do anything and everything we could for him.

Our first baby was there to see our first born come home from the hospital, he stood guard over her and protected her as she grew. Then he was there the day we brought home our second born, again he stood guard and watch over him. He was the most loving protective dog, and we got an amazing 7 years with him. When my daughter was almost 3 and our son was 5 months old we had to say goodbye to our sweet Jango. The kidney disease had come back with a vengeance, and we knew how lucky we were to get 7 years with him. In october of 2011 we had spent our final moments with our first baby boy. 

Fast forward to 2 years and our daughter misses Jango so much, as do we. Moments of tears and loneliness comes over us. There is something about a big dog that makes you feel safe and full of joy. We have a cat, and a beagle pup who is 8 years old. I know our Pup misses Jango as well. Well after much time, thought and prayer we have found us back on the path of growing our family by 4 more paws. 

The dog search has proven to be difficult. We are looking to adopt from a  shelter. We want a pup that is not a puppy, a little trained and great with kids, dogs and cats. I have been looking every day for 3 weeks now to find the perfect dog for our family. We are on a wiring list for one dog that we are in love with. We went to go meet another dog that sadly didn't work out as planed. I know God has a plan and I know we will find the perfect pup to add to our family. It will take time and a lot of heart ache but we will get there. Keep an eye out for a picture of our new addition whenever he or she arrives!
Our last family photo with our baby boy Jango. 

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