Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Frozen party with a twist

I love to go big with birthdays. I fel that each birthday is a big deal and should be treated that way.  Our daughter turned 5 in February and for her birthday we took her to go see Shrek the musical, which she LOVED!
She was dreaming of a magical party geared around the popular movie Frozen. I wanted to make this magical dream come true.

Our beautiful cupcakes made by my best friend Amanda. She has been making the cupcakes/cakes for my kids birthdays for 3 years now. She such an amazing talent and a steady hand. I love how she creates masterpieces out of icing. My daughter was blown away by these beauties and so was I!

This is the winter land cupcake with with pearls and coconut on top 
Adorable Olaf If he wasn't so yummy I would say he is to cute to eat. =)

The center piece of the table. I went to Joan's and in their floral area I found these beautiful pieces. I just looked so elegant, and wintery. I was pleased with the way it turned out 

Edible Icicles are a must. Rock candy will never go out of style!

The desert table. I layer down a blue table cloth and covered it with a sparkly tulle to give more of a snow effect.

The drink station. I made a punch with blue punch, sierra mist and vanilla ice cream. The kids LOVED it! and of course melted snow (water) for all to enjoy

Snowman arms, frozen grapes, and jello squares as ice cubes were also a must

Snow balls: powdered donuts and marshmallows dipped in white chocolate and then dipped in white and blue sprinkles  
I think my little "Queen" was very happy with the end result! 

We played toss the snowball. The kids had to toss a "snowball" at "ice cubes" and knock them over. They also did a build an Olaf using this print off http://www.catchingupwithkate.com/free-disneys-frozen-olaf-printables/
I also printed off a big Olaf for our front door. Olaf is by far my favorite disney character ever =)

My signs where printed from http://pagingsupermom.com/2014/01/frozen-birthday-party-ideas
She does some beautiful work. I also cut Styrofoam balls in half as card holders.

Big thank you to my friend Amanda for making the cupcakes and my hubby for supporting my crazy obsession with birthday parties.
I love the move #frozen and I know many others agree. It is a very beautiful film with a great message. We watch it just about every day now that it is out on iTunes =)

Hope you enjoy the break down of our #frozen birthday party!

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