Monday, March 10, 2014

Get Back To Dating

Dates are a staple to any relationship. You go on many dates with many people until you find your spouse. It seems that once you get married dates stop. Why is this? Is it because you got them already? Is it because you feel like you don't have to try anymore? Divorce is at an all time high, I wonder why!

Dating your spouse doesn't mean you have to go out to a fancy dinner, or a play all the time (All though it would be nice). It means connecting with your spouse with no distractions, put down the phones, the iPads, turn off the TV and talk, Connect, Grow your relationship. Get back to the basics; get back to why you both fell in love.

Marriage is not always easy, no one ever said it was. It takes work, commitment, love and communication. The one thing that will cover these things is getting back to dating. It gets even harder when you have kids. So my husband and I have made it a priority to date each other as well as our kids, as well as have a family date day/night. our Favorite Family Date night is turning our living room into a big comfy bed, and watching a movie while eating a special treat, like popcorn or ice cream.

So we know how to date our suppose, right? You have done it before. Its easy just get back to the basics. But how do you date your kids? This is pretty easy as well. Plan a special day just for that one child, Take him or her out on a one-on-one date. Connect with her/him, find out what is going on, find out what they like, what they dream to be, just have fun. This can be simple as well, go to PetCo with a smaller child (cheap version of the zoo). Starbucks date, my kids love that one. Go to the park and ACTUALLY PLAY WITH YOUR KID! Take them out for dinner, movie, shopping. Anything As long as they are the only kid going. This makes them feel special, connected and it will grow your relationship with them. You will never get these days back. So DATE THEM!

Here are a few One-on-One Date ideas for your kids
Home depot Kid corner craft
Book Store
PetCo or other pet store
Mani/Pedi's with your daughter
Ice cream
Local Animal Park/Zoo
Science Center
Natural History Museum
Children's Museum
Jump Zone

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  1. I also like the site for date ideas, its totally free :)