Thursday, March 20, 2014

Liebster Award!!!

Blogging is something fairly new to me, I first started blogging when my daughter was first born. This is was my way of keeping the family in the loop since we had moved away. I didn't stay with it like I would have liked to. Recently I started this blog, still trying to get the hang of it. Much to my surprise a dear friend of mine nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award this award is a way for up-and-coming bloggers to connect, share and learn more about each other. Thank you Amy, for nominating me for this award!! 
Amy's blog is a beautiful piece of art. She is an author of the book To Love Twice (go buy it!), and she is working on another novel Called Back to December which will be out hopefully in June. In her blog you will be able to follow her journey with these romance novels as well as read her shorts. I love getting to watch her grow in her passion and express herself in word. Please take the time to check out her blog Romantic Escapes, you will NOT be disappointed!

So In order to accept the award, you have to follow these steps:
1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog and answer the questions they presented.
2. Link back to the blogger who awarded you.
3. Copy & paste the pink Liebster Award logo to your blog.
4. Nominate 3-5 blogs to receive the award who have less than 3,000 followers. Create a new list of 11 questions for them.
5. Inform them of their nomination.

I nominate these following ladies because they and their blogs brighten my day!
1. Erin Thompson Real Words to Renew, Refresh and Re-Envision Today's Women
2. Heather Stanbro- Life Decluttered | Simplify my Life, home, and business 
3. Sherri- God Life Happy Wife

Here are my answers to my questions asked by Amy:
1. What was the main reason you created your blog? Being a SAHM,Christian, homeschooling, Paleo momma gets a lot of questions. So I felt that maybe a blog will help out moms just like me. Its a fun way to see how my kids, hubby an I Grow. 
2. What is your favorite color and why? I like yellow. It is a very cheerful color full of happiness and new beginnings. 
3. Are you an only child? If not, how many siblings do you have and where do you fall in line? No I have two older brothers who I love dearly! I am blessed to have them in my life and I love that they are older then me because I have learned a lot from them. 
4. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why? Australia, Why not? haha. 
5. Beach, Mountains, Plains? Why? Mountains. I love to go hiking with my family. I idea of getting to the top and looking down on the surrounding area is breath taking. It gives me a glimpse at what God can see as well as his amazing creations.

6. Do you prefer Winter or Summer? Summer! Warm weather is my kind of life. I love being outside, in flip flops, shorts and t-shirts. 
7. What is your favorite beverage ... adult and first thing in the morning? Adult beverage is wine. I love me some wine. Morning beverage would have to be coffee, I make my own fraps. Typically a double shot of espresso and with some Chai. So best of both worlds
8. Are you an early riser or a night owl? I am a little bit of both. I like to stay up late and enjoy the peace and quite that comes with the night. Early riser because I like to get up before the kids and get a few things done (sometimes). 
9. A tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it. Describe the sound it makes. LOL I would say the same sound it makes when someone is around to hear it ;o)
10. What is your favorite sea creature? The Seahorse, It is an amazing tiny little creature. I have a skeleton of one that my grandma and grandpa gave to me. It was a lucky charm of theirs. 
11. Are you a cat, dog, fish or bird person? Dog. I love how they have so much love to give and how expressive they are. 

And here are your questions:

1. What/who pushes you every day to be the person you are?
2. Who do you look to as a role model?
3. If you could go anywhere for 2 weeks where would you go and why?
4. When you were 10 what did you want to be when you grew up?
5. Pool, Lake, River or Ocean?
6. If you could go back to when you were 16 would you change anything?
7. If you could sit down and talk with any one person dead or alive who would it be and why?
8. What drove you to start writing a blog?
9. What is your favorite book?
10. Share your favorite quote.
11. What is one thing you would like to learn or study?


  1. Awesome post! :-) I love the questions you asked the new winners...and your answers to my questions. I love how everyone is different and something as simple as create 11 new questions brings out the difference in everyone. xoxo

  2. Hello Jennica Wow I am so blessed and honored to see you have nominated me for this award. This was definitely a great surprise to see on my Facebook page this morning. I am so glad you have connected with me and most of all I am humbled that my blog blesses you. I will be posting my response to the questions and my nominees this Monday. This is so fun and I am excited to be a part of it. Thanks again for nominating me.
    I hope we can keep in touch. ~Sherri