Friday, February 21, 2014

Boys will be Boys

So I am a momma of two. I have a daughter who is 5 and a son who is 2.5. MAN WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! Boys are hard on everything! Anything can be a gun, a sword, a weapon of some made up fashion. It amazes me how this sweet adorable little boy can be so hard, tough, rough and just out right mean, I mean that in the nicest most loving way possible.

I have often sat in my closet and cried because I felt I was doing something horribly wrong with our son. Our daughter is so gentle, quiet, mild tempered little girl who loves to dress up, and have parties and drink tea. She has great manners (never "shoots" anyone) and just has a heart of gold. I really thought I new what I was doing when it came to parenting. hahaha boy was I wrong.

Boys are just meant to be hard. The jump off anything, climb up whatever looks climbable. Will eat anything, and can turn anything into a weapon. Fearless monkeys they are! God created boys to be this way. They have to be the protector, the supplier, the go getter in the world.

When a mother of boys gets around mothers that don't have boys we get looks, nasty comments, and chatter. As if we are horrible parents that let our kids get away with anything. I can say as far as I am concerned my 2.5 year old son does NOT get away with this behavior. We believe in correcting behavior when out in public. We do our best to teach our kids to mind their manners and respect the people around them and their space.

I have spent a lot of time reading blogs from fellow mommies ( is a wonderful blog) to try and get a handle on this. You know what I have learned? I have learned that I am NOT Alone! We all have days where we want to lock ourselves in our rooms and cry. We all think we are failing at times. We aren't! That is what we have to learn, we Aren't!!

Let your kids be kids, teach them the difference between right and wrong, but let them be kids. Boys will be boys and thats ok. Moms of all girls don't look down on us moms with boys, we are doing the best we can to bring up a Christ Centered young man who can protect, supply and care for his family one day.

Boogie Boy I love you in every crazy moment, the cuddles, kisses, insane long bed time routine, the sword fights in the living room, and wrestling on the bed. So thank you for being All boy.

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