Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Beginning of Our Journey

The crazy life we all live, is one we wouldn't trade for the world. The life of being a wife, a mother a friend and most importantly a child of Christ. We are tested often in our journey through life. It may be as simple as the pouring rain outside, and the debate we have if going to the store is worth it or not. To the hard, when you find out your husband has lost his job.

This was the beginning of my journey with Christ. My true growth and trust in him. I was 4 months pregnant, riddled with health issues. On the this day that I put myself in Gods hands I had passed out and rushed to the Emergency room. My mom was by my side until my husband arrived. He got there and I new that something was wrong. He held my hand and asked me about our baby, I let him know that we were both ok they just wanted to keep me for observation.  I looked him in the eyes and said whats wrong?! He looked down at the ground and said I think I have lost me job. My heart sank! I told him he was being silly; they will never fire you. Well come to find out they will and they did.

Now as women we know that our men are designed and meant to supply for our families. When they can't do this they lose who they are. I lost my husband for 3 months. I prayed every day for a job, a opportunity, a chance to have my husband back. One morning he came to me and said I got an offer to do help desk. I know my husband very well and I know he would HATE that job. I laughed and said thats not the job God wants for you. He still has not started on his journey with Christ yet; so he rolled his eyes and said well this is all we have. I grabbed him by his hand and said can we please pray together. This was our first time praying together, and it is the moment my husband started his journey. We sat and prayed to God to take us wherever we are meant to go, help us to grow closer to him and to each other.

That afternoon he came to me and said "you have always said you will follow me anywhere right?" My response was Of course! With that being said he asked me if I would move to IL. I laughed and said sure why not. Two weeks later we were packed and heading to IL. The journey we went on was all in Gods timing, it tested us. He tested our strength as a married couple, and as followers of faith. So here I am 7 months pregnant and moving to a state I have never been to before. I knew no one! I was terrified, first baby, living 8-9 hours away from my family, my doctors, everyone I knew and loved. Expect my amazing husband. He was thrilled and beyond excited about this new chapter and therefor so was I.

I new that if I was going to make it in this new place I need to meet people, and where is the best place to meet people? At church of course! So I was on a mission to find the best church for our new family. After a horrible fail I tired again and found the church that truly changed mine and my husbands lives forever.

This is where our Journey as a family of Christ Started!

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